Giggle of the day goes to Judd Apatow for explaining the different between a Gay mustache and a straight mustache’¦.the smell! (Close second is the entirely awesome Artie Lange episode of the Mohr Stories podcast)

This a jaw dropper:

As much as Chrysler would like to “move on,” it seems that the story of employees who drink on the job just refuses to die. The latest? According to Fox 2 News in Detroit, the 13 workers who were fired in 2010 after its cameras caught them drinking alcohol and smoking what looks to be marijuana in a park during work hours have been reinstated following arbitration.

If this a “forgot to offer substance abuse counseling” or some other technicality…then heads need to roll in HR department. But these knuckle heads should not be there …period (no Grand Cheerokee in my future… thank you very much)

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