Rules touched on this year:

  • Obamacare Rule ‘“ People who don’t know what they are doing regulating businesses that do.
  • Rule # 3 ‘“ Tax what you want less of.
  • Rule #67 ‘“ If unions support it’¦it’s wrong.
  • Rule #58 ‘“ I shall accept no law that doesn’t help everyone equally.
  • Stat of the election: Since election day was standardized in 1845 there have been 6 presidential elections held on November 6th and Republicans have won all six.
    (So dont fight it people….join the wave)

    President: Waldo Mitt Romney
    OMSmedia: I’™m sorry, If you voted for Obama this year you are either a single woman or Black (both legit reasons I should add)’¦all others are delusional. You hired him with the Hope of something different’¦something above politics and race’¦what you got was two years of’™ I won’¦Do what I say’¦no compromise’™. Feel free to look up ‘˜Chicago Politics’™ so the rest of us don’t have to keep saying I told you so.
    P.S. any man that feels the need to vote for Roseanne Barr/Cindy Sheehan’¦please come by the house for some pie and punch (yea..not the liquid kind)

    Senator: Elizabeth Emken (who you say?…A name so far behind even DiFi doesn’t have run commercials)

    Mad Props!!

    Prop 30: NO
    What it is: Temporary (7 year) Sales tax increase to fund schools
    Who Likes it: Politicians, public sector pensioners, Teachers
    Who Hates it: Republicans (There are like six of us left in California) and partiers who are Taxed Enough Already

    OMSmedia: This is Browns big one. If it doesn’t pass, get ready for your daycare bills to go up because classes are going to close’¦.at least that what he says. The truth is the school guarantee is for 2012-13 school year ONLY’¦after that it all goes into the general fund for public employee pensions and Public sector pay raises’¦weeeee

    Prop 31: NO
    What is it: 2 year state budget
    Who Likes it: Politicos
    Who Hates it: Anyone not a politician

    OMSmedia: Ok’¦note to Sacramento’¦I will vote for this if , and only if, you agree to become a PART-TIME legislature like Texas’¦.NO’¦then shove this prop up your ass and do your job.

    Prop 32: YES
    What is it: Stop payroll deductions for political purposes from corporations, contractors and unions.
    Who Likes it: Union Haters
    Who Hates it: Unions

    OMSmedia: On the surface’¦it’s a republican golden goose. My only problem is I don’t have a problem with private sector unions or their stupid employers’¦cause I avoid giving them my money (try fresh and easy or a mom and pop shop sometime)’¦stopping the public sector unions on the other hand outweighs my concerns’¦So it is 75% YES for me.

    Prop 33: NO
    What is it: Auto Insurance fee change for transfers
    Who Likes it: Bad Drivers and people who love change
    Who Hates it: Insurance companies that use actuary tables instead of ‘˜feel good’™ policies

    OMSmedia: This falls under the’™ Obamacare rule’™’¦wait what’¦you see’¦ it is a regulation on a business that the state has no business dictating to

    Prop 34: NO

    What is it: Repeal Death Penalty
    Who Likes it: Death Row Inmates, Hippies
    Who Hates it: Law Abiding citizens, victims of rape, murder, violence

    OMSmedia: Yea’¦jail seems enough of a determent’¦..NOT’¦. You want to cut costs, figure out a way to shorten the appeals process. I also support putting them in general population while we think this over.

    Prop 35: NO
    What is it: Increased human trafficking Penalties?
    Who Likes it: Crime Haters
    Who Hates it: Traffickers and Johns

    OMSmedia: Ok’¦it’s already a crime’¦just up the fines and prison time.(in the prop) Adding non-sex offenders to the sex-offenders list is stupid. I’™m all for public flogging and televised executions’¦but only people who physically f*&K other people should be on that list’¦cause that’s how I see them. Stop putting extra stupid stuff in a good idea’¦it’s like eating a cheesecake factory.

    Prop 36: NO
    What is it: Three Strikes Law Adjustment ‘“ Last felony must be serious or violent?
    Who Likes it: Hippies, People with 2 strikes, Judges who want a smaller daily docket.
    Who Hates it: Law abiding citizens (that are not pussies)

    OMSmedia: Lets take the bite out of 3 strikes law’¦.California hippies have been singing this tune since day one’¦remember the guy who’ stole a slice of pizza and got put away for life’..all bulshit. Its NOT the last felony that is important’¦..ITS THE FACT THAT HE HAS THREE!!!

    Prop 37: NO
    What is it: Genetically Engineered Foods Labeling
    Who Likes it: Supporters of the nanny state.
    Who Hates it: People who produce food (includes Evil Monsanto)

    OMSmedia: One more group of unnecessary regulations that kills the smalls and exempts the bigs (rule #58). The hippies can shop at stores with their special labeling’¦the the rest of us alone.

    Prop 38: NO
    What is it: Tax to fund education and early childhood programs.
    Who Likes it: Schools, Teachers
    Who Hates it: Tax Payers (since we pay for this already’¦and not getting a good return)

    OMSmedia: It’s the other individual tax grab, the one by Molly Munger. The money might actually go to the schools, but everyone will see their income tax bills go up.

    Prop 39: NO
    What is it: Multistate business tax increase to fund Clean Energy
    Who Likes it: Politicos and Greenies who want their expensive idea funded
    Who Hates it: Businesses

    OMSmedia: Ummm’¦raise taxes on businesses (who already pay these taxes) to fund unrelated stuff’¦Umm..No. With one of the worst business climates in the nation, why give California businesses another reason to leave?

    Prop 40: YES
    What is it: Invalidate New District lines and have courts appoint ‘˜Master’™
    Who Likes it: Everyone’¦it’s like trying to unlike on facebook.
    Who Hates it: Nobody anymore, supreme court already validated the lines, so No Vote does nothing.

    OMSmedia: Seems some republicans were unhappy with the lines’¦yea whatever. The 2008 commission was a good idea’¦lets stick with it.

    For my LBC peeps:

    Measure N : NO
    What is it: new minimum wage for Long Beach hotel workers.
    Who Likes it: hotel workers
    Who Hates it: Businesses and others who hate unions.

    OMSmedia: Sets the hotel workers min wage at $13’¦seems a little high…but ok. Oh’¦forgot to tell you’¦gives them a 2% raise a year’¦INDEFINITELY’¦nice try bozos’¦wait there is more’¦The hotels will get break on the 2%…if’¦.wait for it’¦they allow the workers to unionize’¦lovely. The crap-fest falls under the ‘˜ Helping some at the expense of others’™ (Rule #58)’¦’¦.and easy NO

    Get out and Vote!!!

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