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This is a story on the News reporting (with my opinions mixed in) My real thoughts will come into play after the standard 2 week waiting period for national news stories on local events.

Left – Family Released Photo / Right – Own Facebook Photo (are those gold teeth?)

Day one:
News: 911 tapes reveal a White Hispanic gunned down a unarmed black teenager on the way home’¦no arrests made.
Me: Hmmm’¦cops must have had a reason not to arrest the guy’¦maybe they can’t find him.

Day Two:
News: The Teen (apparently 14 based on the photo) was just going to the store for skittles’¦and was stalked and gunned down while screaming help.
Me: Wow’¦that’s pretty harsh’¦cops must know something though..otherwise The White Hispanic should be arrested.

Day Three:
News: White Hispanic who murdered unarmed teen claims self-Defense
Me: Doesn’t look good for the ‘œWhite Hispanic’’¦but no cop wants this head’¦they must have a reason they didn’t arrest him’¦he ‘˜murdered’™ him’¦did I sleep through trial?…someone is being an Idiot here.

Then the Pendulum swings’¦.

  • 1. Al Sharpton starts a rally and demand the murderer be arrested (or riots)‘¦.Whoops’¦now I know Trayvon did something wrong.
  • 2. Witness says screams of Help on 911 tape are the ‘œWhite Hispanic’ (also turns out the tapes were edited by CNN)‘¦.Oh’¦ Trayvon attacked him?.
  • 3. ‘œNo Justice..No Peace’ heard across the internet‘¦Hmmm, typical
  • 4. Obama (with a chance to calm everyone down) instead says ‘œIf I had a son he would look like Trayvon’‘¦Oh Shit’¦Nice job O..but right on par with your presidency so far’¦I am fully on the side of the White Hispanic now.
  • 5. Black friends of the White Hispanic come out in support of him’¦Ummm, is anyone catching on that the rush to judgement is a bad thing?…no’¦ok’¦keep going idiots.
  • 6. A new picture of Treyvon comes out as the 17 year old football player he is now’¦not the 4 year picture that the family released‘¦he looks like a thug.
  • 7. Some of the evidence released’¦matches the self defense story made by the ‘œWhite Hispanic’ (the Neighborhood watch Captain that has helped the police many times before)‘¦oh Man’¦doesn’t look good for T
  • 8. Trayvon doesn’t live in the gated community he was walking through‘¦wait ‘¦what?’¦I thought he was walking home?..His father girlfriends house?..What?
  • 9. Trayvon was staying there because he was suspended from school for having a Marijuana bag in his backpack‘¦.Oh Jeez.
  • 10. He was reprimanded earlier in the year for having burglary tools and jewelry (that wasn’t his) in his backpack ‘¦Ok’¦now you guys are making this shit up’¦no’¦Oh man this doesn’t look good for Trayvon
  • 11. Mom copyrights Trayvon’s name‘¦.wait…what?’¦typical?
  • 12. New Black Party puts out a flyer ‘¦Murderer wanted’¦Dead or Alive $10000‘¦so is that supposed to be joke?..shouldn’t these fine upstanding individuals be arrested?….oh sorry’¦this is Obama’s time’¦no persecutions of blacks.
  • 13. People Start wearing hoodies in church‘¦where are these idiots grandmas to hit them in the back of the head for being disrespectful?…I had one
  • 14. Miami Heat wear hoodies in solidarity’¦Ummm Ok’¦would have been more surprised if the 80’s Pistons would have done it (see where I went there’¦they are THUGS!!!)
  • 15. Spike Lee tweets the home address of the White Hispanic‘¦wait..really?…doesn’t violate like both Twitter rules of conduct’¦and humanities (Oh forgot’¦see item #12)’¦and by the way the address was to a elderly couple’¦due to the threats they had to move. We should stop Spike from making movies anymore’¦whoops’¦to late’¦the industry did that.
  • 16. Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., lost his right to speak on the House floor after he violated rules by putting on a hoodie and sunglasses in honor of Trayvon Martin‘¦is Allen West the only congressman of color that follows rules and isn’t an embarrassment?
  • 17. Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Florida): Trayvon Martin’s murderer is still at large. I want America to see this sweet young boy who was hunted down like a dog, shot in the street, and his killer is still at large‘¦Piling on to #16
  • 18. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Georgia): “He was executed Walking While Black in a Gated Community.” ‘¦Piling on to #16

So’¦.what have I got from his so far’¦ Rather than treating this as the tragedy it is, having it investigated properly and letting the justice system do its work, a number of the usual suspects have smelled a bonanza for themselves and are involved in creating racially based agitation, even to the point of inciting violence. Louis Farrakhan openly threatened ‘retaliation’ and ‘no justice, no peace, as did Jesse Jackson,who claimed that blacks are ‘under attack’ and that killing them is ‘big business’. The only person who knows what happened already told his story and has not been arrested’¦must have been pretty convincing’¦and President Obama is acting exactly as planned (in this Post Racial world his election was supposed to create)’¦which of course is pandering, short-sided and wrong.

Only a few more months of this’¦thank God’¦.enjoy it while you can democrats’¦

“The time for honoring yourself, will soon be at an end…” -Maximus

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