All the debates up to last nights were the same boring stuff.
But the Fox debate last night opened some worms…Delicious, Delicious worms.
Next continued to educate the left and the media on their wrongness and finally didn’t have to release the chair to 6 other guys.
Romney still plays the cautious role and makes it clean an concise.
Ron Paul still talks like the crazy uncle in the lazyboy at family reunions.
Newts bitter wife decided to throw some fire on the campaign by telling stuff we already knew.
And Perry quit…seems fitting as his whole campaign seemed like a 68 bug that wouldn’t get into gear.

Now as i wait for the debate to start…i saw this.

Now you know I how I feel about the bullshit posturing i think the Occupy movement is…and while on stage, Romney wont blast them. But this perfect answer to the occupiers question is what Romney needs to start showing….as I am sure he will. Fight on Mormon…Fight on!

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