Haas for Governor…He’ll Bitch slap the System!

My Platform:
1. Thumbprint added to all ID services.
2. Government takes over Utilities (Gas Water Electric)
3. Cut all redundant Social Programs (some programs exist on state and county and city levels- Basically cut every job Gumby …created.. in the last 4 years)
4. Allow San Fernando Valley to succeed from LA County…come on they deserve it.
5. Split State in 2 along Kern County. (Win/Win they lose all the immigration problems, we lose all the voting that created them… I don’t want to govern NorCals anyways)
6. School vouchers!!! (see below)
7. Widen the freeways, remove all carpool lanes, make all freeways like the 105 (trains and all)
8. State Run Bullet Train Union Station to Vegas (or legalize gambling take your pick)
9. Legalize and regulate Marijuana
10 Remove all affirmative action, But make state run loans available at 1% over prime to all regardless of location or race.
11 Lower over-tax on tobacco.
12 Flat-Tax income to 1% for California.
13 Sales tax to 5%.
14 Repeal Car Tax
15 Repeal Family Leave Bill
16 Cap Workman’s Comp.
17 Tax free ‘First Year’ for Business over 50 Employees.
18 Chino Prison Expansion
19 Loser pays the bills if State Grand Jury finds lawsuit frivolous.

How to solve the school problem:
Eighth grade mandatory testing for advancement.
9-12 school vouchers cover 50% while-Alumni Fund- covers other 50% of costs.
Result: taxpayers pay for the schools they use.
Alumni fund is a 1% tax of a students income for the first 20 years after graduation.
Result: Turn out better students = schools get more money
Mandatory testing for voucher teachers every 2 years/ 4 years for tenured teachers.
Result: Weed out the bad eggs
Huge startup cost for this system…but will pay back in droves in less than 6 years.

And a message to the feds……………I’m coming baby!!!!

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