I have been laying low on the Obama Administration (blog has been pretty light’¦I know)’¦but the mid terms be comin’™ and the Carter II prophecy seems to coming true’¦after throwing all the money at the problem the Dems cannot figure out why it didn’t work (hint: private investors are the key to the economy and while D’s control the Congress and White House’¦every one of them will hang onto their money)’¦now the deficit is going to be 3 trillion a year’¦and they have no idea how to stop it. But like Rush always said we need Democrats to exist’¦otherwise we would never know what wrong is…..So the Ying Yang continues’¦welcome to the 2010 Midterm OMSmedia Voter Guide’¦’¦.YEA!!!!

Lets get started:

Governor: Meg ‘˜Multi-billion dollar business from scratch’™ Whitman over Jerry ‘˜Moonbeams and Unions’™ Brown

Lt Governor: A toss up of crap choice (the’ R’ choice is a tax liar)’¦but Gavin’s picture will look better on the website’¦so I am holding my nose’¦’™whether you like it or not!’™

Secretary of State: Damon Dunn over Debra ‘˜electronic voting machines are evil’™ Bowen.

Controller – Tony Strickland

Treasurer – Mimi Walters

Attorney General ‘“ toss up’¦but Steve Cooley doesn’t back down

U.S. Senator – Carly ‘œHp was crappy when I got there’¦and still is’ Forina over Barbara ‘œcap and trade’¦and call me senator’ Boxer

U.S. House ‘“ District 47: Van Tran (only mention this race cause that waste of space Loretta sanchez called him anti-immigrant in an ad’¦he came here as an immigrant at 14’¦.Dohhhh!)

Proposition 19 – VOTE YES
Legalizes Marijuana Under California but Not Federal Law. Permits Local Governments to Regulate and Tax Commercial Production, Distribution, and Sale of Marijuana. Initiative Statute.

Yes People: Control cannabis like alcohol.Put our police priorities where they belong.Generate billions of dollars in revenue.

No People: On average, a drunk driver kills someone every 45 minutes. Recreational marijuana use in fatal crashes will increase if Prop. 19 passes.

OMSmedia: YES. This is a shot across the bow to the federal drug policy’¦it will never stand’¦but vice taxes are consumption taxes’¦and to me ..that’s the way to do it’¦P.S. oh yea’¦I like the Ganja’¦and if there are a bunch of potheads in the job market’¦I feel pretty good about my job security.

Proposition 20 YES
Redistricting of Congressional Districts. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

Yes People: Don’t lets the fox guard the hen house’¦add-on to 2008 prop.
No People: We will draw are own districts’¦ thank you.

OMSmedia: YES. Sort of a redundant bill to 2008 prop’¦but expands the power of the commission we set up in 2008.

Proposition 21 NO
Establishes $18 Annual Vehicle License Surcharge to Help Fund State Parks and Wildlife Programs. Grants Surcharged Vehicles Free Admission to All State Parks. Initiative Statute.

Yes People: But the state’s parks are in peril. Chronic underfunding is starving state parks, causing them to fall severely behind in needed maintenance and repairs’¦and you can come for free!!!

No People: Why would anyone vote for the park pass (Prop 21) if we’ve already fully funded the state parks?

OMSmedia: No‘¦don’t be stupid. Pay for what you use’¦’yes that’s right’¦ we take 18 bucks and you can visit us for free’¦.and if you never visit? Thank you for the money’….They have no shame. It is a general fund that pays for this (and we all pay into that already)

Proposition 22 YES
Prohibits the State from Borrowing or Taking Funds Used for Transportation, Redevelopment, or Local Government Projects and Services. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

Yes People: California voters have overwhelmingly passed separate ballot measures to dedicate local funding sources to essential local services and to prevent the State from shifting or raiding local government, transit and transportation funds. Despite this, last year the State passed a budget that borrowed and took approximately $5 billion in city, county, transit, redevelopment and special district funds.

No People:
You need us to pass the budget right?…then money is money.

OMSmedia: YES. Out-of-control entitlement spending can’t raid public works projects’¦ummm’¦shouldn’t that have been written into the constitution anyways?

Proposition 23 – YES
Suspends Implementation of Air Pollution Control Law (AB 32) Requiring Major Sources of Emissions to Report and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions That Cause Global Warming, Until Unemployment Drops to 5.5 Percent or Less for Full Year. Initiative Statute.

Yes People: Jobs First
No People: Save the planet

OMSmedia: YES. AB32 is a law created by environmentalists to lead the way in a cleaner world. And even if implemented slowly would kill three times as many jobs as it would create’¦.but all for the planet right? Well’¦even in the first stages (when unemployment was at 6%) it has killed 100,000 jobs and created 100. Prop 23 suspends AB32’s progression until unemployment gets down from the current 12% to 5.5%…then it starts up again. Meg says should would do this anyways’¦but Meg may not win.

Proposition 24 – VOTE NO
Repeals Recent Legislation That Would Allow Businesses to Lower Their Tax Liability. Initiative Statute.

Yes People: Join this important effort to repeal special tax breaks for big corporations that don’t create or save a single job in California.
No People: We put those business saving loophole in to keep them from leaving the state’¦take them away and they will leave.

OMSmedia : NO. Sacramento, leave businesses alone for your tax grabs.

Proposition 25 – VOTE NO
Changes Legislative Vote Requirement to Pass Budget and Budget-Related Legislation from Two-Thirds to a Simple Majority. Retains Two-Thirds Vote Requirement for Taxes. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

Yes People:Budgets are two hard to pass if we have to convince the minorities.
No People: Chip away at Prop 13 anymore and even people who’s houses are paid for will leave the state.

OMSmedia: NO. It is nice to have 25 and 26 next to each other. To show how stupid they are without having to goto the next page. This is the ‘œwe can’t pass a budget with those tough Prop 13 rules so let us raise the taxes with just a majority’¦cause we have that.’ F*&K you Dems. I know it’s tough’¦but play within the rules’¦if you are ever in the minority’¦you will like the rules we have.

Proposition 26 – VOTE YES
Requires That Certain State and Local Fees Be Approved by Two-Thirds Vote. Fees Include Those That Address Adverse Impacts on Society or the Environment Caused by the Fee-Payer’s Business. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

Yes People: Make fees follow the same rules and taxes.
No People: Please don’t make it harder to get your money.

OMSmedia: YES. A Prop 13 add-on’¦adds the brilliant ‘™2/3 vote’™ policy to those sneaky fees they added over the past decade.

Proposition 27 – VOTE NO
Eliminates State Commission on Redistricting. Consolidates Authority for Redistricting with Elected Representatives. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.

Yes People: This whole commission to redraw lines is stupid
No People: Save the commission we voted for in 2008

OMSmedia: NO. This is another of those great Democrat political swindles’¦vote yes here..and the Yes vote on Prop 20 is nullified. But that commission we voted for 2008’¦.that will be gone too.

For my peeps in the LBC…

Measure GG:
Clean up the books on city manager duties’¦removing redundancies and streamlining the process.

OMSmedia: YES. Always up for a little less government.

Measure B : Taxing the weed merchants if Prop 19 passes.

OMSmedia: YES’¦well of course..vices don’t get a free ride, especially ones that were once illegal.

Measure C : vets get extra points on Civil Service exams.

OMSmedia: YES. Normally against favoritism’¦but vets always get my support and respect. Don’t like it’¦join up.

Measure D: Simplifies funding to the Tideland Fund (Harbor cleanup)

OMSmedia: YES. Think of it as changing to a flat tax system from convoluted tax system we have now. The more money the harbor brings in’¦Tideland will get 5%. Simple’¦easy to trace.

As an added bonus People who claim to be Tea Parties (myself included) have been ripped to shreds lately by the liberals (unless you prop one of us up to split the republican vote) so to the people who really wanna know who we are’¦break it down Bill:

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