Today show: 8/27/2010

MATT LAUER: There’s no easy way to ask this question, I’m just gonna ask it. Is it ever painful for you to come back to this region, because in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it seems so much of the blame for what happened or didn’t happen here was laid at the feet of your husband?

LAURA BUSH: No, not really. I mean I feel very close to the people on the Gulf Coast and always have. And, and I know what the circumstances were. And of course the President takes the blame in any situation, as we can see now with the new president. But I also knew what George really thought and how he felt about the, the Gulf Coast. We gave unprecedented support. The United States Congress passed large bills. I think $180 billion that George signed and has come to the Gulf Coast. And what we’ve seen really is so inspirational. The people here, the school people are the ones that I’ve been with the most. And they came back, when they were in FEMA trailers or living with relatives and did everything they could to rebuild their schools so kids could come back.

LAUER: I know the people of the region are thankful for the work you and your foundation are doing here. Mrs. Bush thanks for joining us this morning. I appreciate it.

I know it is not a news show’¦.and they can ask however and whatever they want.
This was a question for the man himself…but I knew LB would not have a problem.
I know all men and women are created equal’¦but I’™m sorry’¦the left is really the lesser when it comes to class.
And Laura is the Queen of class!!

It is Bush’s fault that the people stayed instead of heeding warnings.
It is Bush’s fault for not using the buses as was the plan.
It is Bush’s fault that these people were hungry and were stealing TV’s.
It is Bush’s fault that the cops turned into looters of clothes cameras, TV’s etc, etc as they were hungry.
It is Bush’s fault that more money hasn’t NEVER been poured into this place.
It’s Bush’s fault that in the Hurricane/Tornado alley’s those people get off their behinds and help EACH OTHER EVERYTIME A DISASTER HAPPENS.
It is Bush’s fault that this is a chocolate city.
It is Bush’s fault that the Mayor and Governor were DEMOCRATIC incompetents.

Just like most everything in America…its a local issue…if you don’t wanna ask the locals the same question…then you are complacent in the irresponsible blame game that has saturated America.

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