Topic: Ipad and Sony Reader
*For magazines leave file in the PDF format and view with GoodReader or DropBox.

Ipad uses the ePub book format and Sony Reader uses LRF format.
The most prominent format on the web is LIT (Microsoft Reader) this is used in libraries thus most books are converted to it. But it has no rights management’┬Žso the readers and publishers needed new one.

Program to convert between the formats:
Calibre: – Free and converts all formats.

Where do I get the books:

Torrents: or or
Search for .LIT .MOBI .ePUB – (EBOOK searches will return PDFs which don’t work well with the Sony or Ipad IBOOKS system)

For public domain books both Apple and

For Ipad

  • Convert to ePub with Calibre
  • Drag and Drop into Itunes IBOOK tab
  • Use GET INFO to attach cover image
  • Sync

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