Well..well..well. a good week indeed.

On the war: It-s over. Excellent job boys-Semper Fi. And Captain Dale Dye, thank you for being part of the home front. Your analysis blew the doors off every other armchair general I saw. Thank you Ollie North, for being one of the only embeds with an understanding of the big picture. And while there is a long way to go, the proven experiment with Japan is going to turn the Iraqi nation into a thriving entity of the Arab world. It took 8 years after Hiroshima for the US to make Japan a thriving economy. If it weren-t for us, I wouldn-t be typing this on my LX-800, or watching DVD-s or LD-s. Russia and Britain had the task of rebuilding Europe after WWII and they are still working on it. There is a solid reason to keep the UN out of the rebuilding. My other belief that this puzzle piece will cause a ripple effect to end terrorism seems to be working as well. The-toothless tiger- tag put on the United States since the Korean conflict, including unfinished business in Vietnam, Somalia, Beirut, Kosovo, 1991 Gulf (but that-s not on the list anymore…he he) , has been removed. The once uppity Syria and North Korea have suddenly flipped sides and become very diplomatic in the last week. Now if we can figure out a way to give the Kurds, Palestinians and the Kashmir residents their own countries…all this will be over!! And there is only ONE country who can do it- Estados Unidos-.Chica!
And thank you Americans for showing one of the great Amish traditions: Shunning. Maines, Robbins, Sarandon, Norton and the others are in for a tough couple of years. By the way weren-t some of you supposed to leave the country or crawl across glass or publicly apologize if the Iraqi people accepted us? …That-s ok-no need.

On Movies: The summer trailers are starting to popup. And while the new T3 trailer hasn-t made my pulse race up. The new MATRIX: RELOADED, CHARLIES ANGELS, THE ITALIAN JOB and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN defiantly got me racing. The old standbys from the Superbowl; HULK, KILL BILL and BAD BOYS II need a fresh infusion in the next couple weeks.

On the Wedding: Deb and I-s initial quick start has slowed down. Locations, Minister, Wedding Party, Registration, DJ, Men-s Tuxedos and Favors have all been secured. The website and-Save the Date- designs should be done by Monday. Deb has done a few experiments with the flowers and feels she is close to what we are going to do. All extra money has been going to paying off all remaining debt by May, so the ring creation, photo, video , honeymoon bookings and invitations are waiting till then.

On my Work: It-s starting to turn around, The Goldmine fiascos are clearing up and we are getting to a state of normalcy. My car lease is coming up and I have to deicide the best way to handle it. A new lease keeps me where I am. But buying a used car frees up a lot more money for the wedding and a house. Still running all the numbers and I have til the end of June to deciede.

There you are-.all caught up,

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