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The best of the weekend-Hands Down, a hugely overlooked film last year. One of my top ten writer/directors David Twohy (Pitch Black, Arrival) takes a run at U571/Das Boot and turns in the best of the bunch. Wolfgang-s great Das Boot was a wonderful film, but BELOW tightens it up with some of the best tension and cinematography I have ever seen. Every shot is a work of art, and the DVD has the clearest images I have seen-period! The film is a ghost-on-a-boat movie but the background actions and situations float (he he) it into the action/horror genre as well. The CG work is top notch, and if you listen to director-s commentary you-ll see he is rather giddy about them as well. Miramax is for better-than-average Indie films not this. This is a top notch-B- for the likes of New Line or the new and improved Sony. Twohy seems to have found his signature shot: large evil displayed in the darkness with a flash of light. (PITCH BLACK’s aliens seen with a burst flame and BELOW’s devil rays). Side note to Twohy-if you put the deleted scenes back in the film-you would have gotten a 4.5-the-Hot Fish- scene was better than most that you left in.

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