truthabout (6k image)The Truth about Charlie (2 of 5)
One of those films I would have walked out of if I had paid for it. Demme has a knack of making characters quirkier than they need to be, many times leading us in the wrong direction or destroying the narrative. This movie falls under: ‘Indie with a budget’, cause the stars have to fight for lines that make sense. I did not see Charade, but I have to believe that something this jointed and messy could not have been released in 1964. Demme took one of the best cinematographers in the industry and gave him 5 shots in the whole film, everything else was hand held. And a horrible hand held at that. When the bad filmmaking takes over the story and characters, disaster is not far behind. This was a DVD rental (haven’t rent in quite a while) and my controlled home theater could not control the suck. Side Note: Certainly a red mark in the career of one of the only female composers in the industry, Rachel how can you claim such an awful score.

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