headofstate (6k image)Head of State (3 of 5)
A few more laughs than I expected, (most politically liberal movies make me cringe) but this silly romp with its literal translations of rock-s mind, hits the mark. Super Whore training camp was pure genius. The film played more like a good Living Color skit. And Bernie Mac-s comedic violence kept the film going as it was running out of steam. On a side note the opening credits were a great idea that I am amazed has never been done before. Worth a matinee despite the worthless supporting staff, the dancing socialites got more laughs than anyone with speaking parts. Politically you knew where everyone was coming from even though they never mention parties on either side. If they had made both sides fight for the democratic nomination instead for president, it would have worked better. Rock-s direction is not too heavy handed, but doesn-t offer anything new either.

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