The New Car Debate rolls on-.

My wonderful PT Cruiser-s lease is up in 2 months and a replacement is needed. I have the option to extend my lease, buy the car outright or get another PT. Not wanting to finance a 3 year old car, I have chosen to get a different car altogether. Following my one main criteria :-I have to fit comfortably in the damn car!!- Many cars didn-t get my rose and were voted off the island. Xterra…gone, Element…gone. CRV…gone. Durango…gone. Baja-gone. And while a few new models have joined the competition: Rav4, Forrester, Sorrento, Santa Fe, Neon RT/4 and the WRX. There is only one rose left-Kyle–. and it goes to-
cooper (73k image)
2003 Mini Cooper
INDI Blue – White Roof / Mirror *USA Flag on Roof – Auto – 16″ Wheels / 5 Spoke – Computer NAV System

Nothing has been finalized yet, and in the next 2 months alot may change. But as of today this my choice, and i hope to have a happy life together.

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