2 more hours and the finally REAL race begins’¦’¦.

So here we are’¦.Obama up by 2 points nationally’¦while normally I would say it is his to lose’¦it’s not’¦he has to win this hands down to even have a shot. Sounds arrogant I know’¦but up to this point he is all hype. The Print and TV media cant prop him up anymore. If he convinces us’¦he will win. If he breaks even..then he will lose by a landslide’¦the 20% undecided would rather wear the old shoe that understands the job’¦then buy the new uncomfortable one.

Cant get to a TV’¦CSpan is streaming it. VIEW HERE

(Still working on a bailout rant’¦’¦but if you need my take to hold you over’¦FM,FM and AIG should burn to the ground ‘“ it’s called an correction in the market model I support.)

UPDATE: (10pm PST) Well first round over’¦.and I am a bit frustrated.
Obama did pretty well even though he said some real stupid things :
‘œ I will capture Osama and kill him’ to bad we don’t do the whole government assassination thing
‘œWe need nuclear energy’ Oh boy’¦that will sit well with the base.
‘œwe need to send more troops to Afghanistan’ ..ditto
And I won’t even mention the attacks he laid down on our ally Pakistan…..idiot.

So even though he used a few Regan quotes and adopted republican ideas like Off shore drilling’¦not one point was quite as good as his insistence that McCain’s own advisor, Henry Kissinger, said ‘œwe should meet with Iranian leaders without conditions.’ It only took Kissinger 10 minutes to report to the Weekly Standard that he never said that’¦and McCain was right.

My frustration came at McCain not driving the nail in eh coffin when the Obama Gaffs arrived. He shrugged it off and went to the next question’¦.McCain won the night’¦but not nearly as commanding as it could have been. Polls shouldn’t’™ change too much.

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