Despite Air America’s failure in ‘¦America (oddly enough). There is still Hippie radio in the blue states (and Austin). The largest syndicated supplier is Pacific Radio. Who’s apparent plan is to go further left than PBS’¦.no small feat mind you. Wel l’¦Yesterday they thought they had a coop’¦A former outspoken Democratic HoR from Alaska, Mike Gravel. You might remember him before the Obama/Hillary train got started’¦he played the Democratic Ron Paul’¦a…Senior Kucinich so to speak. The Hippie radio hosts (Mitch Jeserich, Sonali Kolhatkar, and Larry Bensky) thought they had someone to bash the Palin pick’¦..what happened next is indicative of how mired in the out-of-touch bullshit the left has become’¦

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Schadenfreude at the level of Zell Miller at the RNC’¦.Bravo Mike.

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