Yea’¦Finals were last night. It’s been a good year’¦better talent pool made for a lot more highs then previous years’¦each of the top twelve had a shining moment: yes even Jason Castro (remember Hallelujah). So the two finalists are David Cook and David Archuleta. The odds had Cook winning it with his Daughtry/Bo Bice rocker theme and David Archuleta just barley losing and starting his career on Disney Radio.

The songs broke down like this: First song chosen by the Clive and Andrew, Second song was from the list of Coronation songs available, Third’¦ any song of their choice.

David Cook:

‘œI Still Haven’t Found What I’™m Looking For’- In his wheelhouse for sure…but in a way seemed to safe’¦the wow factor was not there.

‘œDream Big’ Right up his alley’¦a rocker coronation song for AI’¦did very well and had a good hook.

‘œThe World I Know’ ‘¦Did good…but it seemed like the same old cook. During the competition he changed up songs and made power ballads or rocker songs’¦this was the weakest of those.

David Archuleta :
‘œDon’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me’ BAM’¦Archie matured before our eyes with his best performance so far. Everybody peaked in the competition’¦Archie picked the perfect time’¦.and easy win.

‘œIn This Moment’ Hook was no where near as good as Cook’s song’¦but it didn’t matter’¦Archie again hit higher highs and sang it with confidence’¦this round was a draw.

“Imagine”: The only real mistake for Archie’¦we heard the song before and was more of a let down for the last song in the competition’¦but round one and two were enough to keep him on top for the night.

Cooks crowning moment was Billie Jean back in the top 7’¦Archie’s was tonight. In the end something happened’¦the Mormon boy with pipes but not the confidence’¦suddenly rose to the challenge and grew up before our eyes. Cook did very well and deserved to be there’¦but Archie raised his game and deserves to win.

So tonight is the big show’¦lets see which divas attempt to overshadow the fallen Idols they get to sing with.

In the 2008 AI pool‘¦.the money could be split between : Shelly, Carole, Juanita, Melissa, Rachel, Denise and Me’¦or go back to the top 12 winners’¦since nobody picked Cookie to win.

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