Didn’t write last week due to a combination of time constraints and sheer BLAH of the theme for these two weeks. (the Beatles) Don’t get me wrong the song writing and execution of the Beatles was always good’¦.FOR THEM. But to sing it their way makes you sound stupid (write the words out’¦you will see what I mean’¦empty)..and dated. And I don’t expect this crop of youngin’s to spin it enough to make it work. So I will review both weeks together’¦how they finished in the Beatles era:
Carly ‘˜Tunstall’™ Smithson ‘“ She is still the professional performer of the group: Week 1: Come Together’¦good rocker version’¦very good. Week 2: Blackbird’¦stupid song’¦and she tried to tell the story’¦but I was to busy wondering why the song was so bad melodically’¦anyways, I expect more from her nowadays anyways’¦Top 2 performer.

David Cook ‘“ Week 1: Wins the night with a brilliant (although not original’¦but what is on AI) rocker version of ‘˜Eleanor Rigby’™’¦felt right all over. Then in week two’¦did the same thing …this time with ‘˜Daytripper’™ (White Snake version) Sort of old hat now’¦so it didn’t feel as special’¦ Top 5’¦ easy.

David Archuleta ‘“ biggest spread between the two weeks’¦Week 1: forgot the lyrics on a Stevie Wonder version of ‘˜We can work it out’™’¦weird to see a front runner falter like that’¦then got the juice back with a near perfect (although strangely ahead of the band) version of ‘˜Long and Winding Road’™. Still a top 5 guy.

Brooke ‘˜Carly’™ White ‘“ Week 1: This was her moment in AI….a Tori Amos style version of ‘˜Let it be’™ and nailed it ‘¦it was perfect and you could see it meant everything to her. Week 2: Went goofy…’Here comes the sun’’¦goofy song’¦goofy performance’¦lighter than an air mattress’¦thank God for that smile…Have a look at LET IT BE:

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Chickezie ‘“ He gets credit for taking two boring, cheesy songs and turning them into fun bluegrass party songs. May not break the top 8’¦but his performance energy is a welcome change. Waiting for a Luther Vandross night’¦he will own it.

Ramiele Malubay ‘“ Ok let me group both nights by saying: She is the best singer in group…both songs sounded better than the original recordings’¦now’¦she cant perform her way out of a wet paper bag. If a producer wants to mold a voice to a song in the studio’¦or in a cartoon’¦she is your girl’¦you want a diva’¦look somewhere else.

Syesha ‘˜Whitney’™ Mercado ‘“ Week 1:Don’t even reme’™mber the performance’¦its happened a lot with her’¦ Week 2: Yesterday’™’¦took the night with a soft version of ‘˜Yesterday’™ sold the story’¦sold the performance.

Kristy ‘˜Kyra’™ Cook– Getting by in your looks just got harder’¦.Week 1: a way too fast country version of ‘˜8 days a week’™ (especially if you think about it’¦it would make a great country song)..it was a creepy carnival ride. Week 2: ‘œYou’™ve Got to Hide Your Love Away’ Movie credit style arrangement’¦but the voice could not hit the lows’¦and that hindered the whole song. Not top 10.

Michael Johns ‘“ Tough two weeks for him’¦both heartfelt songs’¦but something is getting lost in the translation’¦he is trying to sing like Micheal Bolton with Kurt Cobain voice’¦its just not there. Week 1: ‘˜Across the Universe’™ was better than last night’¦but still below top 10’¦He doesn’t have pipes…so he needs to find the perfect song if he wants to stay in over the next two weeks.

Jason Castro ‘“ Ok’¦ now his soft/pained voice is getting on my nerves’¦Week 1: ‘˜If I feel in love with you’™’¦right up his alley’¦dull and quiet’¦Week 2: ‘˜Michelle’™ was a jonty romp he had to smile his way through’¦dull and limited’¦he’s a ballad guy with limited range’¦will only make top 10 by his chick appeal.

Amanda ‘˜Whiskey’™ Overmyer ‘“ What the hell ?…she has established herself as a Janis Joplin biker bar performer’¦a one trick pony as it were. Both ‘˜Back in the USSR’™ and ‘˜You Cant do that’™ sounded exactly the same’¦week two had more confidence’¦but she needs something heartfelt to keep her in it. She cant sing ‘˜Rawhide’™ or CCR’¦every week.

Not gonna talk about ‘˜Stripper’™ Hernandez’¦he was voted out last week’¦probably didn’t deserve it’¦but he has become a one trick pony as well’¦and would have lasted another week anyways’¦see ya on the tour ‘¦bring your pole.

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